PGI Workstation Complete v11.10 (x86/x64)

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PGI Workstation Complete v11.10 (x86/x64)

Post by Donutz on Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:41 am

PGI Workstation Complete v11.10 (x86/x64)

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PGI Workstation Complete v11.10 (x86/x64) | 323 & 488 Mb

PGI Workstationâ„¢ is PGI's single-user scientific and engineering compilers and tools product. PGI Workstation is available in three language versions:

* PGI Fortran Workstation—Fortran only
* PGI C/C++ Workstation—C and C++ only
* PGI Fortran/C/C++ Workstation—combined Fortran and C/C++

PGI Fortran Workstation includes The Portland Group's native parallelizing/optimizing FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90/95/03 and HPF compilers for 64-bit x64 and 32-bit x86 processor-based Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows workstations. PGI Fortran Workstation provides the features, quality, and reliability necessary for developing and maintaining advanced scientific and technical applications.

A partial list of technical features supported includes the following:

* PGFORTRANâ„¢ native OpenMP and auto-parallel Fortran 95/03 compiler with CUDA extensions
* PGF77® native OpenMP and auto-parallel FORTRAN 77 compiler
* PGHPF® native data parallel compiler with full HPF language support (Linux only)
* PGCC® OpenMP and auto-parallel ANSI and K&R C compiler
* PGC++® OpenMP and auto-parallel C++ compiler
* PGDBG® OpenMP and MPI parallel graphical debugger
* PGPROF® OpenMP and MPI parallel graphical performance profiler
* Full support for the PGI Acceleratorâ„¢ programming model on x64+GPU (PGFORTRAN and PGCC only)
* Full 64-bit support on multi-core AMD64 and Intel 64
* Intel 64 and AMD Opteron optimizations including SSE4.2/AVX, SSE4a/ABM, prefetching, use of extended register sets, and 64-bit addressing
* PGI Unified Binaryâ„¢ technology combines into a single executable or object file code optimized for multiple AMD64 processors, Intel 64 processors or NVIDIA GPUs.
* Complete uniform development environment across 64-bit and 32-bit AMD and Intel processor-based systems running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows
* Full support for Fortran 95 extensions and numerous Fortran 2003 extensions.
* Full support for ANSI C99
* Full support for OpenMP 3.0 on up to 256 cores
* Support for 64-bit integers (-r8/-i8 compilation flags)
* Highly tuned Intel MMX and SSE intrinsics library routines (C/C++ only)
* One pass interprocedural analysis (IPA)
* Interprocedural optimization of libraries
* Profile feedback optimization
* Function inlining including library functions
* Vectorization, loop interchange, loop splitting

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Download Here:
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