Cloe Voice Virtual Assistant v2.0 Full

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Cloe Voice Virtual Assistant v2.0 Full

Post by Donutz on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:35 pm

Cloe Voice Virtual Assistant v2.0 Full

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Cloe is the first Spanish-language voice assistant for mobile!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Cloe required to have installed and active I / O Android voice, otherwise, will fail to start. To fix this, they must enter settings> Voice input and output, and follow the instructions.
! Cloe is the first virtual assistant for mobile voice in Spanish!
A revolutionary concept that has entered the market with Siri Apple (iphone), which has several similar projects for Android, but that comes first in Spanish, and what is most important, tailored to your market.
What does this mean? That, while Cloe can understand phrases like "what will the weather be tomorrow in Madrid?" or "what time is it in Paris?" can answer specific questions such as "What Antena 3 cast now?" or "I need to train schedules Madrid-Barcelona."
And is that Cloe has dozens of national resources that will make the user experience much more complete.
Chloe works with the new system of "learning modules". These modules allow us to know in advance about what matters Cloe can offer answers. Can be viewed on the Facebook page cloe together with their syntax.
Some current modules are:
- Translation of expressions
- Currency Exchange
- Weather Forecast
- Schedules and rates RENFE
- Spanish Liga BBVA and Adelante
- National TV Programming
- Lyrics
- Synopsis of film
- Addresses and phone
- Characters, places and definitions (with support for pictures)
- World Clock
- Recipes.

Download Here:
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