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Post by Donutz on Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:29 am

Sad Stories

There was a guy, tired reading
his gf's text messages.. There
were always; i love you, i miss
you, or have you eaten your
meal? One night, while lying in
bed.. He received a text message from her gf.. He
doesnt read it instead he went
to sleep.. On that morning, he
was waken by a call of her gf's
mom saying; " Your gf was
raped and killed, last night. " He remember the text message
and he read it;
" Bhe, please come and
help, someone is following

There is a girl who argue with
her bf coz she asked a ring for
her birthday.. But her bf send a
talking doll instead.. The girl
refused to accept the doll then
she throw it away.. The guy run as fast as he could to save the
doll but an approaching car hit
him then he died.. At the burial
the girl was crying, she grab
the doll then hold it tight, the
talking doll spoke saying " will you marry me? Please get the
ring in the doll's pocket. Hope
you like it..

One day, this balikbayan guy
went to his college alumni, on
his way to the function hall he
saw his ex girlfriend, she
smiled at him and said " musta
ka na? Its been 5 years since last tayo nagkita, ang gwapo mo
pa rin! Namiss kita! " The girl
hugged him tightly and runaway,
giving him no chance to talk, he
was very surprised. The guy
asked his friends about his ex girlfriend " how is she? " They
were all shocked upon hearing
his questions.. And one of
them said.. " Pare she died in a
car crash, hinabol nya yung
flight mo nun.. "

One night, a boy said to his gf, i
have to end up our
relationship, i dont love you
anymore! Im too busy on my
studies and i cant concentrate
coz your always texting and calling me.. The girl dont say a
word and walk away crying..
The girl didnt show up
anymore.. After 5 years, the
boy didnt have a serious
relationship with other girls he's missing the girls texts,
sweet quotes, calls and jokes,.
He then call her and said "
Baby, i miss you. . " But the girl
reply was, " Who's this? Can
we talk later? Im busy planning for my wedding..

There was a couple riding a motorcycle…..
Girl: don’t drive so fast, im getting scared.
Guy : can you hug me tight?
Girl : sure,
Guy :do you love me? Can you hug me and tell me you love me?
Girl : I love you so much…

Guy :I love you too.. can you take off my helmet?
Cause its bothering me. I cant see the way so clearly. Put it on your head.
After a few minutes, they crashed. The guy died and the girl survived.

The guy already knew his brake was broken.
That’s why he asked the girl to hug him for
The last time and take off his helmet and risk his own life to save the girl.

There was a boy who was very inlove with his gf
eventhough they were far from each other,

the boy wait for the girl.Before the girl came back
he receive a news that his gf will be getting married.

After hearing that,he cried overnight.After 2 weeks

he receive a card from the girl but he never open it
because he don’t to read the girl’s explaination…

The time comes,he went to the church not to
watch the wedding but to kill the girl.

He shot the girl,the girl died.After burial,he open

the card it says:”BABY”, ikaw mahal ko takas
mo ako before my wedding please.

suffering from her
stage 4 cancer. She told her bf,"kapag aq namatay, wag kang iiyak ah? Ayokong umalis sa mundo , na pumapatak ang luha m0."
her bf answered w/tears,"kung yan ang nais m0."
just a week
, d
died. Her bf was in so much pain & regret,but no tears fall in eyes as his
to his gf. Few
ng gf,nkitang ptay ung
at my
"kinaya kong
ka iyakan,dhl mmhalin pa rin kta hanggang kamatayan."
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Sad Stories Empty Re: Sad Stories

Post by rica on Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:22 pm

...whew.. its a sad stories...nadala ako..bawat stories I can imagine myself na ako ang girl..

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