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Very Happy DO!!!!! Very Happy

1. We should act like a family and treat and respect other members
like your brothers and sisters.
2. All topics must contain full description specially posted applications and screenshots.
3. ENGLISH and FILIPINO are the only language allowed in the forums and chatbox except on threads made specially for your own language.
4. Respect the staff and their decisions. Respect other members too.
5. In making a new thread, please be sure that you are in a right category or section.
6. Before asking, requesting or making a help thread. Please use first our search engine

Evil or Very Mad DONT's DO!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

1. Word Abbreviations or SMS-type or jejemon in posting.
2. Use of vulgar, lewd, crude, or offensive language
in English, Tagalog, or any other.
3. Harassing, Insulting, Threat, Intimidation,Defamation and Abusing other Person or Institution.
4. Advertising,Promoting and Posting any link or referral in any corner of Donutz Zone that is need a registration and/or other forum site is strictly prohibited and can cause banned accounts.
5. Double posting or Consecutive posting.
6. Posting with all capital letters.
7. Off Topic posts or posting a message that is not related to the topic.


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