Locus Pro v1.14.6

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Locus Pro v1.14.6

Post by Donutz on Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:04 pm

Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: Map application with big offer of maps for online and offline (possibility to create them in application) usage. Allow to use many other features like track recording, POI handling, import and export of POIs and tracks and many more.

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What you get

Online maps
currently OpenStreet maps (10 types), Freemap (4 types), ArcGIS (4 types). Possibility to add custom online maps. More on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Offline maps
support for map SQLite format. Also possibility to show TAR maps (updated TrekBuddy format), MBT maps (

WMS maps
ability to display WMS maps with custom layer selection as overlay over other online maps.

Map download
ability to direct download online map to offline usage. Area to download can be defined as rectangle, along the path + diameter, area around points and more.

support for import of PocketQuery files include listings, logs and more, for full featured offline geocaching. Cache logs to field notes (ability to automatic pre-fill) and more.

Data handling
import and export of GPX, KML (include styles) and LOC files (support for zipped files). Managing of POIs is to category system, that allow filtration, sorting and editing. Tracks are moreover skinable and allow to display statistics and charts.

Track recorder (GPS Logger)
allow track recording defined by many parameters, together with real-time charts, stats and more.

function that allow quick saving of one location together with time alarm and photo.

POI Alert
function that allow sound and visual alerting on nearest points around you.

My Maps
support for Google My Maps. Work as fully functional viewer and also editing tool with limited functionality.

using BTS and GPS (internal or bluetooth) for receiving location. Satellite screen show state of GPS connection together with many useful information.

ability to guide on point or along the path together with many settings (visual and sound).

functionality can be extend by growing number of addons and external programs. For example addon Contacts, Augmented reality and more.

3rd party applications
ability to launch Google navigation, Navigon navigation on specific point. Displaying Google Street View in desired location, online search in Google Places, integration of Google My Tracks software (for viewing and recording tracks), online compute of track between points for foot, cycle and car guiding, integration with c:geo, GPS status and many more.

keywords: map, online map, offline map, wms map, mbt map, map download, import, export, gpx, kml, track recorder, parking, poi alert, geocaching, google mytracks, google street view, google places, extensibility, geonames,

More Info:

Download Here:
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