[TIPS]How to Unblock SIM

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[TIPS]How to Unblock SIM

Post by Donutz on Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:07 pm

[TIPS]How to Unblock SIM

1st step po need mo po ng 2 pesos load
2, May cp kayo na S40?
3. Delete nyo ang naka settings sa cp ninyo, na naka setting sa SmartInternet.
4. Settings > Config > Default config > then delete
5. Pag na delete na ninyo
6. Magtext na kayo sa Smart, ganito
7. Set <model> send 211
8. Example: Set N2600c send 211
9. Ubusin mo load mo yung 2 Pesos load
10. 'Pag naubos na, wag muna kayo magpapaload, wait ninyo after 3hrs.
11. Saka kayo magpapaload nang 2 pesos
12. Pang na paload na kayo, magpapadala ang smart sa inyo ganito:
Freealert ur abt 2get mms/gprs/3g settings.key in 123 wen askd & save 2 enjoy mms/hi speed internet(if handset capable).get Free contentwen activated!

Credits to jay18231
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