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Symbian^3 - Tips & Tricks

Post by Donutz on Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:56 am

You might know most of these shortcuts, but I wanted to collect them up here, since lot of people doesn't seem to know all these. Knowing these can improve the usage a lot IMO.

Keypad shortcuts (Select "Call" from homescreen)
- Bluetooth ON/OFF: longpress on '*'-key
- Call log: press call key
- Contacts: press on contacts icon
- Open browser: longpress on '0'-key
- Silent profile: longpress on '#'-key

Keypad codes (Select "Call" from homescreen and type...)
- *#7370# does hard reset
- *#7780# does soft reset
- *#06# shows your IMEI
- *#0000# shows info about phone software
- *#92702689# (*#war anty#) shows lifetimer
- *#2820# (*#BTA0#) displays the Bluetooth device address of your phone
- *#62209526# (*#MAC0WLAN) displays the MAC address of the WLAN adapter

Clock and Profile -widget
- Active and edit profile: press on profile name on the widget
- Calendar: press on date on the widget
- Clock: press on clock on widget

Notifications popup (press on battery icon)
- Clock: press on time on the popup
- Connectivity settings: press on connectivity icon on the popup
- Powersave mode ON/OFF: press on battery icon on the popup
- USB mode: press on USB icon on the popup (when connected) to switch USB mode without unplugging
- WLAN-manager: press on WLAN connection on the popup (when connected)

- Alarm Enable/Disable: Set alarm to repeat, then you can disable and enable it
- Animated Themes: Nokia default themes (not Midnight pack) have animated backgrounds, just active it from theme settings
- Data Counter: Open call log and tap on right tab to view data transfer log.
- Disconnect all networks: longpress with red call key
- Edit Homescreen: longpress on anywhere on the homscreen changes to edit mode
- Faster Homescreen: turn of theme effects from Themes settings to make switching between homescreens instant
- Favorites Widget: you can scroll the favorites widget horisontally and add more than four contacts, unlike in N97 homescreen
- Forced Reboot: press power key for eight seconds simulating "battery removal"
- "Full" Reset: hold "Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key" and press power button until your phone shake (Warning! Will remove some apps permanently like Ovi Store and Qt!)
- Mass Storage Mode: you can use the phone as mass storage while it's powered out
- Offline Masstorage: even though your phone is off you can still use it as USB Mass Storage via USB
- Predictive QWERTY: predictive text and word auto-completion are also supported on QWERTY, not only in keypad
- Screen Saver Notification: Use 'Music Player' screen saver to show new sms and missed calls icon on screen. Time, Date, Profile and Music being played will also be shown if enabled.
- Silence Calls/Snooze Alarms: turn around your phone upside down to silence calls or snooze alarms (set it on from Settings > Sensor settings)
- Special Characters: longpress on '1*'-character on QWERTY keyboard to input special characters like õ, ü, etc.
- Torch (n/a in N8): hold down keylock to use LED flash as a torch
- Two way Charge: Both USB and regular thin-pin adapters can be used for charging
- Two way Keylock: open keylock by sliding keylock button on side OR by pressing menu key and then press on the screen where it says "Unlock"
- Two way TV-OUT: use HDMI cable to get digital TV Out (only N8/E7) with HD resolution or use 3.5mm cable for composite TV out
- T9 Dictionary: Reset dictionary by deleting "C:\Predic"-folder (use X-Plore or such file browser)
- Voice Command: hold Call button in homescreen (setup voice command first)
- USB OTG: you can directly connect almost any USB device to the phone (including USB mouse, -keyboard, -pendrive and -external HDD)
- Widget settings: in homescreen edit mode, press on widget (Notifications, Mail, Search and Shortcuts)
- Widgets Online/Offline: select Options > "Widget to Offline mode" from homescreen

- App. Manager: Set java/flash app settings, like networking settings, warning queries and virtual keypad, via longpress
- Calendar: browse through days by swiping through screen from left to right or vice versa to browse back
- Camera: use Pinch zoom to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios (9Mpix vs 12Mpix on N8)
- Camera: double press on screen to zoom (like with browser)
- Camera: you can also zoom by using volume keys
- Clock: switch between analog and digital clock by tapping the big clock shown on screen
- File Manager: connect to a network drive by choosing the setting from options menu (instead of Settings)
- File Manager: jump down on folder tree by pressing on one of the folder icons on top of the screen
- File Manager: open search bar by lightly pressing on camera key
- File Manager: long press on drive to format it or set password for it
- File Manager: Hide pictures from gallery by putting them under "system" in any drive, also subfolders can be used. Alternatively create "_PAlbTN" folder anywhere.
- FM Transmitter: power up the FM Transmitter while playing music. Close or exit the music player, after a couple of seconds the FM transmitter will automatically switch off. When you turn on the music player, FM transmiter will also turn on. No need to switch transmitter on and off now if you primarily use it in your car
- Gallery: Three ways to zoom pictures; by making a double press, a pinch zoom or by using volume keys
- Mail: Collapse and expand all days by doing longpress on a day
- Menu (App. Grid): instead of leaving it to background, choose Options > Exit
- Profiles: set profile (except general and offline) to change based on time of the day from profile settings
- Ovi Maps: share current (or favorite) location via MMS or E-Mail to any other Nokia device with Maps
- Task Manager: open Task Manager by doing longpress on (physical) menukey on the phone
- Task Manager: longpress on any of the apps to bring out option to close invidual or all running apps
- Lost Application (general): in case you accidently delete some of Nokia applications, like Communities or Midnight theme pack, use Software Update re-install it
-Tabbed Swipe (Symbian Belle): Change a tab view with a horizontal swipe gesture. Used in Logs, Folders, Contacts, Music Player, etc.
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